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Quectel Cloud Service QuecCloud was officially released, providing innovative and effective solution
  • 23-04-14 17:57
  • Samsong

On April 12, at the Quectel IoT Ecosystem Conference, Quectel announced the official launch of its IoT cloud service - QuecCloud. QuecCloud has three capabilities: intelligent hardware development, IoT open platform, and industry solutions, which can provide developers and enterprise users with full-process solutions from hardware access to software applications, helping industry customers quickly achieve intelligent upgrades and commercialization


Xin Jian, deputy general manager of Quectel Communications and general manager of cloud product department, said that as an overall solution provider of the Internet of Things, Quectel has been paying close attention to the in-depth needs of industry customers in the process of intelligence, and as early as 2019, Quectel Cloud began to lay out Quectel Cloud and established a cloud service team, after 4 years of development, Quectel Cloud has served more than 500 customers in total, and its software and hardware integration capabilities have withstood the test of the market.

Xin Jian pointed out that the official release of Quectel Cloud today shows that it already has the ability to serve industry customers on a large scale and provide one-stop services and development tools of "hardware devices + connections + platforms + applications". In the future, relying on the comprehensive capability architecture, Quectel Cloud will help customers in general equipment, commercial equipment, outdoor travel, smart home and other application industries quickly realize intelligence.

image003.jpgWith the blessing of QuecThing OS, hardware development is easy and efficient

The development of smart hardware is the key to continuous innovation in IoT applications. Quectel can provide QuecThing OS, a smart hardware quick connection kit, to help customers easily complete the development of smart hardware.

Quectel module has built-in self-developed QuecThing OS, which adapts to Quectel BLE/Wi-Fi/NB-IoT/4G/5G modules, and can realize functions such as connection verification and data communication with Quectel IoT cloud platform. Through the low-code, modular intelligent hardware development solution, customers only need to embed the Quectel networking module in the existing equipment to achieve intelligent hardware upgrade.

The application of QuecThing OS allows developers to focus more on completing the business functions of their own intelligent hardware, without paying attention to complex data formats and IoT protocols, such as MQTT/CoAP/LwM2M, etc., which can greatly reduce the learning cost of developers for the IoT platform connection layer.

At the same time, Quectel also provides rich AT commands, Quectel serial port protocols, simple and easy-to-use interfaces, and opens up the communication module space, which can provide QuecPython, QuecOpen, MCU SDK and other self-service access methods, so as to help customers quickly develop hardware programs and accelerate the intelligent process of the industry.

A new IoT opener platform to help quickly build global device management capabilities

image007.jpgBased on Quectel Cloud, Quectel has built a new IoT open platform, which can provide secure and reliable device connection and communication capabilities, help users cloud massive devices, and quickly build global device management capabilities.

Based on the product and technical capabilities precipitated by the developer center, the platform not only has standard functions such as device management, device debugging, firmware upgrade, data analysis, location services, etc., but also opens more than 200 APIs, which greatly meets the needs of customers for secondary development. Relying on this platform, customers can also build exclusive apps and enjoy a variety of value-added services such as message subscription, rule engine, OTA upgrade, and physical model, so as to quickly implement the application of various business scenarios.

At the same time, in order to ensure the high-speed and stable operation of customer equipment around the world, Quectel has deployed multiple data centers and acceleration nodes around the world to meet the real-time communication needs of customer equipment, provide different security level communication, adapt to the legal and regulatory requirements of different countries and regions, and help customers solve problems such as service stability, data privacy, security compliance, etc., so as to better and faster global product layout, so that customers going overseas have no worries.

In addition, Quectel Cloud also has Quectel Global Connection Management Platform (QCMP), which supports global guidance services, and has a rich selection of SIM cards, all of which are the world's top operators, and the smart devices it serves can be connected to the nearest data center, further ensuring the stability of device networking.

Professional intelligent solutions to help customers quickly achieve commercialization

Based on a strong developer platform, Quectel Cloud has strong APP development capabilities, and provides one-stop solutions such as central control hardware, intelligent modules, mobile APP, and web management system for multiple scenarios with standard SaaS + APP, helping dozens of industry scenarios such as electric power, energy, municipal, agriculture, industrial Internet, smart home, outdoor travel, and shared leasing to quickly commercialize.

image009.jpgAt the same time, SaaS+APP also supports private deployment to meet the needs of more industry scenarios. Quectel has developed cloud solutions for multiple industries, including smart mobility solutions, power consumption solutions, commercial leasing solutions, power battery solutions, smart security solutions, smart home solutions, etc.

Quectel Cloud can not only provide SaaS, APP, data screen and other applications, but also has multiple different levels of embedded terminal capabilities and hardware capabilities, providing low-code or zero-code solutions for embedded ends, and adapter boards, central controls, instruments, DTUs, etc. in addition to communication modules for intelligent hardware. In addition, the SaaS platform can also provide functions such as device map, device management, end-user management, agent management, and SIM card management, so as to provide basic data support for operators.

At the forum at the press conference, Xin Jian also gave a speech entitled "Connecting Everything and Empowering Digital Transformation", giving a detailed and comprehensive introduction to the development, functions, applications and advantages of Quectel Cloud.

In the future, Quectel will continue to explore the opportunities of Quectel Cloud in the global market, and provide customers with more convenient, direct and better use cloud services through continuous expansion of global capabilities.

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